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A-1 Image Screensaver

Welcome to A-1 Image Screensaver, the latest version of this award winning program, brought to you from Acez Software. A-1 Image Screensaver contains over 40 customizing features for displaying all of your favorite pictures. Enjoy images of your family, pets, vacation, and anything else you can download or scan! All the while, have your favorite MP3 tunes playing in the background. A-1 Image Screensaver is a true 32 bit software for Windows. It allows you to display an unlimited amount of images, photos, or graphics. You can even group your photos into different "screensaver themes", retrieving desired "themes" whenever you want. Have Christmas photos displayed around the holidays or grand children viewed all year long! A countdown clock, music, and screensaver themes are just a few of the most recently added features. For your convenience, a sample image is available for viewing. By simply clicking "settings",you can add or delete your own images as well.

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Screensaver updated: 6/8/2008
Screensaver Version: 4.20
File size: 3006K
Minimum requirements: Windows® XP/Vista/Windows 7
License: Free screensaver
Uninstaller included: Yes
Screen Shot: View Screensaver screen shot

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