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Creata Screensaver

Creata Screensaver

Creata Screensaver is great for displaying your Christmas, family, travel, baby, pet, wedding, etc... photos as a screensaver on your work and home computer. Float your images, photos or graphics gracefully about your screen with this true 32 bit application for Windows. The easy to use, tabbed interface makes customizing your screensaver a snap. Some images are already preloaded into the screensaver so you can immediately view how the screensaver looks. However, you can enter and view your own personal images or photos by going into the settings for Creata!
There are many features in version 3.3 such as "Countdown to Special Date" (i.e.,Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday), image resizing, multiple image file load and colorful gradient background. Please be sure to read the helpful information below to learn more about maximizing your screensaver and have fun!

Creata Screensaver 3.3 runs on Microsoft® Windows®

Download Page For Free screensaver

free screensaversDisplay your favorite images and photos as a screensaver
screensaversFloat your photos or graphics gracefully about your screen
screensaverEasy to use, tabbed interface
create screensaversImage resizing
free screensaversThumbnail preview of image
screensaverMultiple image file load
screensaversChoose font color, type, and size for your caption
free screensaverWatch the clock countdown to a date you choose
create screensaverAdjust the mouse sensitivity to shut down screensaver
Creata Screensaver
Creata Screensaver Screen Shot
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