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John Kerry Screensaver

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Elect John Kerry Screensaver

The Presidential campaign may get intense this fall, but here you can share a laugh with John Kerry in this hilarious campaign screensaver. You will enjoy funny one-liners and clever animation as John Kerry campaigns right on your own desktop. This John Kerry Screensaver is free.

Elect John Kerry Screensaver runs on Microsoft® Windows®

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John Kerry Screensaver11 funny one-liners
John Kerry ScreensaverOutrageous antics from John Kerry
john kerry screensaver6 different election signs displayed from audience
Elect John Kerry ScreensaversCool Sound effects
John Kerry ScreensaverFun for all ages
screensaverPassword protection
screensaversNon-hassle, simple installation
John Kerry Screensaver
John Kerry Screensaver Screen Shot
John Kerry Screensaver Features

screensavers Mixes Kerry's best sound bytes and some toilet humor I think the entire presidential race needs screensaver - The Navigator

screensavers Love the screensaver. I think John Kerry should see this one! screensaver - Chuck

screensavers Farting, Burping, inappropriate comments. Great if you Hate America as it is now. screensaver - Bo Bear

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