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Lottery Screensaver

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Million Dollar Lucky Lottery Screensaver

Have fun playing the lottery without losing a dime with this addictive screen saver. Just pick 6 numbers and if they all match, you could win the "jackpot" of 1 million dollars of play-money! This Lottery Screensaver is free.

Million Dollar Lucky Lottery runs on Microsoft® Windows®

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screensaverSelect your own 6 favorite numbers
free saversView the 6 most frequent numbers "lucky numbers" that came up
during the last screensaver session.
screensaversSetup like your state lottery by selecting the maximum ball
number to be picked.
lottery screensaverAdd more money to the pot to keep the screensaver running
lottery screensaverTurn off sound effects
screensaverNon-hassle, simple installation
lottery screensaver
Screensaver Screen Shot
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Lottery Screensavers I just wanted you to know that the Lotto screensaver is working just fine. I used it to picked my lotto numbers on Tuesday and won $5 and again on Friday but did nothing, not even one number. Lottery Screensaver
- David

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