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Acez Jukebox

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mp3 player A high-fidelity music player for Windows. Acez Jukebox is a high-fidelity music player for Windows, which supports MP3, CD and other audio formats that can be played from your PC or downloaded from the Internet. Acez Jukebox also supports "playlists" which allow you to group and save your favorite songs for easy retrieval.
Please read below for our product features.

Acez Jukebox runs on Microsoft® Windows®

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Acez Jukebox Control Panel
screensaversBasic controls: play, stop, pause, forward, rewind a song
screensaversAdditional controls: volume, shuffle, continuous play...
screensaversSong info: Scrolling Display of author and song title
screensaversPlay songs in random order
screensaversDisplay song duration
screensaversBuilt-in graphical spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope

Acez Jukebox Equalizer
screensaversTen band graphic equalizer
screensaversLoad your own equalizer settings or select from presets

Acez Jukebox Playlist
screensaversCreate and save playlists or load a previous playlist
screensaversAdd multiple songs to playlist
screensaversDelete songs from playlist
screensaversJump to a song by double-clicking a song in the playlist
screensaversChange order of songs in playlist

Acez Jukebox

Original free screensavers are available on Acez.com! Don't hesitate to download our mp3 player today.


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