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Acez Screensaver Builder

Create and distribute screensavers with your images! Acez Screensaver Builder is a powerful tool to create and distribute screensavers for Windows. It has a fully integrated work area that allows you to work efficiently and create professional screensaver in minutes. The user-friendly software is perfect for creating gifts for your friends or making promotional screensavers for business. Please read below for our product features.

ASSB 2.1 runs on Microsoft® Windows®

Download Page For Screensaver Builder

Acez Screensaver Builder Registration Key
only $24.95 (reg. $35.50)
screensaver maker
What is a Registration Key? A Registration Key will remove "unlock" the limits of the shareware version that was downloaded on to your computer. The software will then be fully functional.

Registered users can upgrade their ASSB software for FREE. Anytime ASSB has been upgraded to a new version, you may download from here and use your unique registration key. It's that simple.
screensaver MakerFree Screensavers run on Win 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
screensaversCreate a single (savername).exe self installing file
make screensaversDistribute screensaver via email or website
screensaversSend screensaver using AOL® e-mail and Hotmail®.
screensaver builderUnlimited 100% Royalty-Free Distribution (no hidden costs)
make screensaverAutomatic setup/uninstall
free screensaversAnti-theft image/content storage
screensaverEverything is built in (No runtime files to include)
screensaver builderUser-friendly interface
screensaver MakerCreate professional quality screensavers without programming
download screensaversAdd an unlimited amount of your images/photos
create screensaverDisplay images in sequence or random order
screensaversAdjust time delay between images
screensaver MakerFloat or center images on screen
screensaversResize images 10-100% so they fit your computer screen
cool download screensaversFloat speed adjuster
screensaver builderAdd up to 9 different image transition effects
screensaver makerDisplay captions with your images
freeChoose font color, type, and size for your captions
free screensaverBackground style adjuster: gradient color or solid color
screensaver builderPassword protection and more...
screensavers: screensaver Maker
screensaver Maker I wanted to Praise your team on the Screensaver Builder; it's Light, Fun, & was a virtual breeze to install! No downloading probs... I created screensavers for my family in minutes. Thanks! screensaver - Jim

Original free screensavers are available on Acez.com! Don't hesitate to download one our screensavers today. Many of our screensavers, including our screensaver maker can also be downloaded in our download screensavers section. Have fun making screensavers with our screensaver maker.


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