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Winter Screensaver

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Snowy Winter Wonderland Screensaver

Find peace this season in a Snowy Winter Wonderland right on your desktop. Take a break from this busy time of year and just relax to the hypnotic snow falling as warm lights adorn a majestic tree and a welcoming home glows silently in this lovely scene. This screensaver will stir feelings of nostalgia as you gaze over snowy hills and pine trees, making you wish you could meander through this winter wonderland screensaver.

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Screensaver updated: 11/15/2007
Screensaver Version: 1.3
File size: 1780K
Minimum requirements: XP/Vista/Windows 7
License: Free
Uninstaller included: Yes
Screen Shot: View screensaver screen shot
Screensaver Details page: Details of this screensaver

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